How Should I Dress?

Q: How should I dress for various shows? I don’t want to be overdressed, but at the same time I’ve seen exhibitors underdressed for higher-end shows. Is there a standard I should follow?

I think our standard should be to dress in a way that reflects confidence and success. We must always be mindful that everything we do reflects on our brand.

Our brand is about creativity, good design, the sign of the hand and quality. The clothes we choose to wear in our booth should embody those attributes and therefore enhance our brand. The level of formality will vary from show to show and also during the run of the show.

For example, if there is an opening preview or benefit, it calls for dressier outfits. This too will vary from show to show. Why not take along several choices and talk to fellow exhibitors about what they are wearing and go from there?


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