By Angela Hamilton

I wanted to let all you handmade biz owners in on a great way to promote your shops via Instagram. While other social networks can be absolutely beneficial in spreading the word about your shop, Instagram is such a good platform. Not only is it in my opinion where you should be focusing most of your social media efforts – like creating a good visual brand, utilizing the best hashtags, and following like-minded individuals and potential customers–it’s one of the best ways to join the community around the handmade + maker movement. Even if you don’t sell handmade or find these to be the right accounts to visually for your brand to hook up with, they’re are all still worth a follow in order to discover amazing new items (I love shopping via Insta!), make friends, and support creative minds and makers.

These accounts all happen to be communities based either primarily or largely on Instagram. There are a few key things to do when promoting your shop via these communities. First, follow generously! Follow the account and the accounts they feature whenever they inspire you. Then, hashtag your images with the appropriate hashtag below. The benefit of this isn’t just that they *may* regram you, but other handmade lovers will see your post in that hashtag’s feed, just like I went over in my last Instagram post. Lastly, go through the feed regularly and like, comment, and follow those you connect with most. This gets your brand out there and may even make you a friend or two. It’s really just a mega bonus if you happen to get a feature yourself, and all of them have ways to contact if you’re interested in collaborating. Okay, here goes …


This creative + handmade community is probably one of the first ones I followed when I started actively searching awesome Etsy shops and indie designers to chat with, and I cannot believe how fast it has grown in the past year! Craftsposure is up to 88k followers on Instagram, and now has a website with business tips, a free e-course, and a yearly planner specifically designed for creative entrepreneurs. So yeah, you could say this is one influential community! You can tag your DIYs and handmade products #craftsposure for a chance to be featured.


Makers Movement isn’t just dedicated to modern handmade products, but the artists behind them. Most of their Instagram posts have bios or narratives that not only help inform your shopping choices but are crazy inspiring. Tag your relevant photos #makersmovement or #wearethemakers.


Founded by Grace of Lark and Arrow, Craft Your Life Collective is a community for female creators to inspire one another. CYL features the work and bios of modern lady makers from all over. Artists are also highlighted on the blog and you can always nominate someone you know for a feature. Tag relevant posts #cylcollective.


We Make Collective is such a fun account that always seems to find the most bright, cheerful handmade goodies to share with their followers. This awesome feed isn’t too surprising when you find out that Francesca of Fall for DIY is behind it! We Make Collective is actually a brand new monthly DIY materials box, but WMC encourages everyone to share their own creations using #wemakecollective join the fun.


Handmade biz owner and blogger Kendra started Handmade Is Better and I’ve been loving it lately. She features products from the #handmadeisbetter feed and they’re always so bright and cheerful, I can’t help but think what great gifts most of these pieces from all different artists would make!

Blog Post Source: The Blog Market