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Temporary tattoos are all the rage these days – you can’t go to a music festival without seeing at least one. Some of them are so good it can be hard to even tell the difference between a real and a fake tattoo. Though temporary tattoos are most often associated with decorating the skin, they are so easy to apply and wash off that they make excellent options for decorating, branding and more.

Here are some ideas for unique and creative uses for temporary tattoos that go beyond the skin.

On Glass

Glass decorated with temporary tattoos is a fun and easy way to liven up special events such as weddings, parties or even the interior decor of your store. While painting glass can be a messy challenge and it’s hard to remove if you want a new look, custom temporary tattoos are a fast and fun way to decorate windows, glass ornaments, plates, glasses and more for special occasions and events.

Personalize items like mugs and glasses for an in-store event or advertise store specials on mirrors or windows in creative typefaces or script. Attending a tradeshow or festival? Use temporary tattoos to brand your car windows, booth walls, or other surfaces and wipe them clean when you’re done.

For special occasions, tattoo your cups, napkin rings, or utensils before your party or event, so that you can just repurpose items you already have instead of having to order customized new ones. You can even liven up your electronics, like your laptop or phone, with temporary tattoos.

Your decorations have clean and neat lines, and it’s much quicker than having to hand-draw everything. Not satisfied with your work? You can always wash off the temporary tattoo and try again.

On Nails

There’s no shortage of creative, beautiful nail art to be found on the internet. Scroll through Instagram or Pinterest, and you can find hundreds of intricate and artistic nail designs. You might wonder how anyone could even hold a brush that small to make such detailed artwork. If your hands are less than steady and your drawing skills leave much to be desired, temporary tattoos may be the answer you are looking for.

Temporary tattoos are a quick, easy way to get a designer look on nails. They come off more easily than nail polish does, making them a great option for a special occasion, or as free branded swag to give away at your store, or at festivals or tradeshows.

On Crafts

Temporary tattoos add a burst of decorative flair to all sorts of crafts and artwork. For example, you can integrate them into your scrapbooking or collage making. Test them out on wood for intricate design work, or clay pots and vases. Temporary tattoos also add some extra flair to one-off events – think how they could dress up your Easter eggs, Halloween pumpkins or Christmas tree ornaments.

These are just a few of the many creative uses for temporary tattoos. Your only limit for where to put them to work is your own imagination.