Presenter, Diane Sulg
Executive Director of CRAFT (Craft Retailers and Artists for Tomorrow)

All About Wholesale

A Business Class for Craft Entrepreneurs

Why should craft entrepreneurs participate?

  • If you are new to wholesale, you can create an entirely new $$$ stream for your business.
  • If you are currently wholesaling product, you will learn what it takes to improve your bottom line.
  • Knowledge is not temporary; it lasts a lifetime. The format allows you to watch as many times as you wish.
  • You can participate live and/or on-demand. The slides used are included FREE for future reference.
  • Interactive question and answer session included.
  • Consult with an expert!
  • The seminar can pay for itself with just a few additional wholesale sales of your product.

Watch When You Can

You can watch at your pace and ask questions via email.

  • Part I – Business Readiness. We’ll cover minimum orders and reorders, payment methods, and the nitty gritty differences between order forms, invoices, and packing slips.
  • Part II – The Perplexing Problem of Price. We will give you the ingredients for finding your product’s price “sweet spot” and making the artist-retailer relationship work so you both achieve your financial goals.
  • Part III – Starting to Wholesale. You will learn the very first steps we suggest you take to conquer the wholesale world, and why it’s important to do them before you sign up for an expensive booth at a major trade show.
  • Part IV – Trade Show! We’ll talk lighting, booth options, booth materials and booth etiquette. Most important is understanding the buyers who walk into your booth, so we will give you some strategies for helping them understand, appreciate, and of course, buy your work.

Registration = $195

About the Instructor
Diane Sulg is Executive Director of CRAFT and founder & co-chair of American Craft Week (ACW). She is a handmade advocate that provides valuable information in her one-day seminars titled “All About Wholesale” at wholesale shows throughout the United States. Diane is the former owner of Maddi’s Gallery in Charlotte and Huntersville, N.C.

“In the days that followed (taking the class), I wrote orders for 13 stores across the US, one of them has been my dream account since the day I started my business. … This class should be mandatory. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. I feel like I’m running an entirely new company now!”

Casey Lynch, Squirrel Tacos Hand-cut Paper Art

Simply put, “All About Wholesale” saved my hide. After jumping into wholesale with both feet, I realized I had no idea what I was doing. It quickly becomes obvious throughout the class that there were countless years of experience feeding this valuable information. I can’t thank her enough!

Philip Roberts

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Stephanie Hintz, former editor,Handmade Business