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How to Price Handmade ItemsAdrianne Stone, entrepreneur and creator of the Wholesale Pricing Calculator. Spent three years honing her pricing strategy and calculations to develop this process.

Adrianne is the founder of Learn more here.


How to Price Handmade ItemsStephanie Hintz, former editor, Handmade Business


Do you struggle with how to price handmade jewelry or similar products?

What You’ll Learn

  • Why the “cost + materials X2” formula could lead you right out of business
  • How to determine your actual overhead and how do you calculate it
  • How to identify whether you should be selling a particular product line — or not
  • How to calculate what you should really be paying yourself as an hourly wage
  • Learn how pricing and branding go hand-in-hand to create a perceived value for your product line
  • Understand the difference between “markup” and “profit”
  • How to establish a wholesale percentage tier for every product you create
  • How you can sell fewer products and make more money
  • Whether you need to learn how to price handmade jewelry or how to price handmade items of another type, this calculator will work for you

What You’ll Get

  • 80-minute webinar video (downloadable)
  • Workbook (PDF download) – Quizzes (to ensure you’re learning), Initial Calculations, More
  • New and Exclusive Downloadable Pricing Calculator. In addition to a product pricing calculator, it has materials index, cost of goods and overhead costs calculators.

Here’s what others are saying about the wholesale pricing calculator

“Awesome…this is going to be a lot of help for a lot of people. I’ve been wholesaling for a number of years but will be using this to run the figures as a check on where we are. Thanks for the work you put into this!” – Karyn Belknap
“This calculator is so cool! I think this is a tool a lot of small businesses would love to have!!! It is something that is invaluable to anyone with pricing questions or pricing struggles.” – Natalie Jacob, Etymology Jewelry

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