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Sunshine Artist November 2022

8 Why Artists Create
Reflections From a Fellow Artist
By Scott Obernberger

10 Artists Marrying Artists
Times Have Changed — Have Artist Marriages, Too?
By Daniel Grant

12 Married Artists on the Road
Advice for Balancing Marriage and Work
By Angie Landsverk

14 The Great Gulfcoast Arts
Festival at 50 Show Attracts Thousands

15 Show Reviews

19 Event Listings

46 HeARTbeat

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Sunshine Artist October 2022

8 Stormy Weather
Tips for Protecting Your Work and Booth
By Scott Obernberger

10 Playing With Price Points
Artists Share Formulas for Setting Prices
By Angie Landsverk

12 Six Decades of Arts and Crafts
New York Festival Attracts Thousands

13 Show Reviews

18 Event Listings

54 HeARTbeat

ON THE COVER:Lakeshore Art Festival, Muskegon, MI

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Sunshine Artist August 2022

8 Build Your Booth
Artists Share Their Display Tips
By Angie Landsverk

10 Beauty in
Many Forms
Understanding the Art of Business
By Scott Obernberger

11 Creative
Crested Butte
Colorado Festival Attracts Affluent Crowd

12 State Reports

20 Event Listings

46 HeARTbeat

ON THE COVER: Spring Crafts at Lyndhurst, Tarrytown, NY

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Sunshine Artist July 2022

8 Marketing Advice for Artists
How to Close Sales for Future Shows
By Scott Obernberger

10 Take a Working Vacation
Some Must-sees in New York

13 New York Festival Ready to Return
Volunteers Run Neighborhood Event
By Angie Landsverk

16 State Reports

28 Event Listings

46 HeARTbeat

ON THE COVER: Wood artist Mark Waninger, 4 Bridges Arts Festival, Chattanooga, TN

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