Emotional engagement is a great way to promote your business and establish a loyal customer base. Part of those engagements should include recognition of your customers’ support. Showing an appreciation for your customers is a great way to foster continued loyalty while promoting a brand that truly cares about each client that has invested in the business.

There are hundreds of ways to show your customers that you value their support. However, not all are affordable options. Below we list our five favorite affordable ways to show your customers you appreciate them.

1. Create a Loyalty Program

One way to recognize your customer following is to create a loyalty program. How your program works will ultimately be up to you, however, it helps show your loyal customers that repeated business with you is appreciated. Whether you opt to provide reward points for every dollar spent in your shop or send special coupons to those who sign up, it all demonstrates appreciation. Best yet – it costs very little if anything at all. With services such as AppCard to help you set up your own loyalty program, even budding businesses can start a loyalty program today.

2. Personalize Swag

Another way to recognize your customers is through personalized swag. For example – if you have set up a loyalty program, knowing your customer’s birthday could mean sending them a bonus celebration discount, a personalized token of appreciation, or other small tokens of appreciation on their special day.

While a loyalty program can help guide this experience, it is not necessarily required. For example, keep a stock of the most popular names hand-printed on our quality die-cut vinyl sticker sheets. When a customer purchases that new travel mug, offer to personalize it free of charge. Try die-cut vinyl stickers that come in both semi-permanent and permanent adhesives and are dishwasher, microwave and freezer-friendly.

Personalized touches help increase a brand’s reputation. It shows you care about your customer and recognize their uniqueness.

3. Something Sweet

Everyone enjoys something sweet now and again. This is particularly true when it comes to a cranky toddler. Keeping a small dish of wrapped candies is a great way to show your customers your sweet side. (You can even add a personal touch through custom printed logo stickers that adhere to the candy wrappers).

4. Toss in A Free Gift

It is inevitable that you will experience excess inventory or out-of-season pieces – use them as free gifts for your customers! We’ve all seen the ever-popular “buy one, get one,” or BOGO, sales. This is an excellent way to help move old stock to make room for newer pieces. Another popular choice is to throw in a free gift for customers who have spent over a certain amount. Do you own a beauty shop? Throw in a free bottle of shampoo, conditioner, or another hair care product for customers who come in for the “works” and purchase a large amount. Add a personal touch and sticker your products with your brand, contact information, or logo to promote your brand while also showing your appreciation for your customer’s investment in your business.

5. Custom Packaging

Packaging can be expensive. However, it helps promote a tailored experience your customers will appreciate. For example, you can buy lipstick or body spray from plenty of stores. Stores such as Wal-Mart simply toss the products into a plastic branded bag. It is an impersonal experience. However, places like Sephora and Victoria’s Secret take the time to wrap your items beautifully, making them feel more like an extravagant gift than just another purchase. This goes a long way in showing appreciation for your customers and creating a custom experience.

Custom packaging can be made more affordable when you work with a company that offers customized products that will not break the bank. 

Appreciation Is Important

It’s important to recognize and appreciate your customers. Small tokens can go a long way to showing customers you are as invested in them as they are in your business. Over time, small gestures of appreciation will build into an overall feeling of trust and loyalty to your brand. And you might feel pretty good, as well!