Author: Stephanie Hintz

Tommy Boy – A regular guy, in an enviable position, Tommy MacDonald is living a craftsman’s dream


More than a million viewers tune in weekly to watch “Rough Cut, Woodworking with Tommy Mac,” a production of WGBH Boston, distributed by American Public Television. The how-to series is helmed by Tommy MacDonald, an amiable, knowledgeable, plainspoken man who is at home in his workshop, as well as in corporate offices and executive boardrooms around the nation. It is his ability to be a down-to-earth craftsman, as well as a producer of television and social media content, which distinguishes MacDonald from many of his peers. He doesn’t shy away from new challenges or risk-taking opportunities. Rather, it’s quite the opposite: He never allows an unfamiliar invitation to cause him to fade into the woodwork!

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A Vegas-Style Introduction to Crafts

The weekend of June 2-3 marked a couple of firsts in my life. As the newest employee at The Crafts Report and new to the world of American Craft, I had never attended a wholesale craft show. In order to get plugged in to the industry, this obviously needed to change.

Another clear void in my life was that I had never visited Las Vegas. This revelation would shock most of those who personally know me, but it’s true: 35 years of life had never led me in that direction. So, what better time to erase these two voids than during ACRE Las Vegas and NICHE The Show?

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