By Jen Tubbin
Second Nature by Hand

It takes a certain kind of crazy to be a small business owner. Small business is challenging and certainly not for the faint of heart. So how do you preserve your sanity and instill a little more joy throughout your day?

Here are 5 Tips from Second Nature by Hand employees:

1. Spend time with your customers.

Make the time to enjoy conversations with the people who are key to your business — your customers! Getting to know them will help you understand why they love your product. Your customers will give you new perspective, new ideas, and new energy.

2. Make a list.

Running a small business comes with a never-ending “to-do” list. You will never be caught up but checking items off your list makes your progress visual and measurable. Who doesn’t love crossing items off the list?! Sam, who is our air traffic controller of orders at SNBH, is never without her list. She keeps our weekly meetings productive and on track!

3. Set the timer.

Small business doesn’t stop, but you must! Draw the proverbial “Line in the Sand” to maintain your own sanity and your relationships with others. Set the alarm or timer on your phone to remind yourself to take a walk, be there for your children when they hop off the bus or have time with your spouse. Let the timer help you remember to make this time non-negotiable.

4. Laugh.

Laughter doesn’t just lighten your load mentally it actually induces physical change within your body. Laughter soothes tension and reduces stress. Jenna, master of all things Customer Service at SNBH, has the gift of always keeping the mood light with her humorous antics. We all delight in her ability to make the team laugh.

5. Focus on what you can control.

You will never be able to control all aspects of small business, but you can control your response to the daily challenges. Focus on the blessing of working with good people and creating a product that you are proud of. Focus on the pride, the ownership, and bravery that result when you follow your passion.

After years of intense focus on creating and building a small business, Jennifer and David Tubbin have achieved the ultimate goal as entrepreneurs—having others see the value in the business they’ve created.  The acquisition process has provided an amazing learning experience for the couple and growth opportunities for Second Nature by Hand.  Through a crazy word-of-mouth network, Second Nature by Hand has become an artisan business that stands shoulder to shoulder with companies much larger than itself.  The brand is known for quality, handmade, one-of-a-kind products from vintage and reclaimed materials and superior service to customers.  Following the acquisition of the company, Jennifer is now able to focus on the aspects of the business she enjoys the most, product development and design.  In addition to refocused work duties, she looks forward to more family time and homemade meals on the dinner table.