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How to Restore Your Craft Business After a Medical Crisis

Some disasters aren’t easy to prepare for. Kelly McLain, a glass artist in Seattle, started her day in May 2006 with a headache. By the end of the day, she was blind in one eye and within 24 hours, she was in surgery with three brain aneurysms. For a month, doctors kept her sedated and for another two months she was hospitalized. Then she moved to Michigan for several months of recuperation in her sister’s care. In all, McLain was out of commission for almost nine months, and is still at risk of seizures.

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How to Get Customers 4x More Likely to Buy


Once a customer holds something in their hands, they are four times more likely to buy it.

Many times it is the sign that gets them to stop and take notice, and then to interact with the product. This is the key. To convince passersby to look more closely, or better yet to pick it up! When used in retailing, signs are often referred to as “silent salesmen.”

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You Might Be an Artist If…

craft-matters-february-2009-1Some people just always knew they wanted to be an artist (I’m lumping craftspeople in here, too, because I refuse to discuss possible differences), but other people came to their talent late in life. They may have endured emotional hardship and isolation because their talents were misunderstood. Maybe this guide will help you recognize your own inner artist, or help you diagnose a loved one before it’s too late. You might be an artist if…

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Classic Vermont With a Twist: Brattleboro

Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

regional-vignette-february-2009-1Visitors who travel to down­town Brattleboro, Vt., find a small, classic Vermont city with a twist. Located on the Connecticut River at the southern end of the Green Mountains, it offers spectacular views of the mountains and the river flowing along right next to Main Street. Brattleboro is an exciting and vital small art city with the flavor of a college town (without the college). Like many other nineteenth-century industrial cities in New England, it has been given new life by the spirit of the creative people who have chosen to live and work in the peacefulness and physical splen­dor of southern Vermont.


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