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Birgit Sophie Metzger: From Fine Quality Craft to High Fashion

profile-in-success-january-2009-birgit-sophie-metzger-1Hats off to a young German designer who is making a successful transition from fine quality craft to high fashion. Birgit Sophie Metzger of Esslingen, an ancient town near Stuttgart, Germany, has been making beautiful hats for more than a decade, but her mind is set on something more. With perseverance and creativity, Metzger is working her way into the world of high fashion.

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Cleaning the (Artistic) Attic

craft-matters-december-2008I’ve been purging my studio and attic the last few weeks. Partly because I have open studios coming up, and mostly because I couldn’t even move around in my workspace anymore. The reason we had to clear out the attic is because it was too full to stow anything else from my studio. I found interesting parallels between sorting through house stuff and my art stuff. Come closer and I’ll tell you. But here, take this box up to the attic while you’re at it.

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Tips for Better Photos

crafts-photography-december-2008-2It has been an amazing year for photography. While film will still be the media of choice for some, digital photography will open up all sorts of possibilities for artists. Just look at the Internet and the opportunities it offers for artists. Through it, they can reach a global marketplace and share their experiences and knowledge with other artists. With this year winding to a close, let me review some of the things I’ve explained over the year and expand on a few others.

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Dream Big

beginning-business-december-2008So many times, beginning crafters think small. A local Christmas crafts fair held in a high school gym might be about as far as your ambition extends. And, depending on your craft, that might be as far as you can go. But if your product is unique, beautifully made, and appeals to a wide variety of customers…then it behooves you to dream big. Don’t be intimidated by the idea that the huge, high-quality craft shows don’t want new vendors—because they do.

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New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair

Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming

regional-profile-december-2009-3Remember your very first show? The first time you put your creations out there before the masses in a little 10-foot-by-10-foot booth, or smaller? Remember how you waited and hoped, and tried not to appear too anxious? Nancy Pratt remembers that feeling, because it wasn’t that long ago for the weaver from Albuquerque, N.M. Having played around with and perfected her art for about seven years, she finally succumbed to her broth­er’s encouragement and applied for the New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair in 2007. A juried event that began in 1962 and draws 15,000 prospective buyers over three days, the fair generates about $700,000 in sales for the 220-plus accepted New Mexico artists.

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