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The idea of marketing via a pretty smile goes back to the beginnings of commerce. I bet that by the Middle Ages craftspeople were already using a good-looking son or daughter to sell their wares on market day!

Today, craftspeople—especially fabric artists and jewelers—want to use models in their crafts photography. Certainly, a model wearing a scarf is more interesting than a photo of the scarf lying on a table. However, there are lots of pitfalls when photographing models. 

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Knock on Wood

Wood is funny stuff. While it would seem easy to photograph, it is actually rather tricky. Wooden crafts are all over the map when it comes to contrast, tone and shape. In fact, the starting place to decide how to light a wooden...

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How to Shoot the Same Piece for Different Uses

springcollectionWhen we had to shoot film for slides of craftwork, framing was a big decision. You set up your art, turned on the lights, carefully framed the work and took your shot. The resulting slide was the final word on the craftwork. Then you made a few dozen copies of the slide, which were often off in contrast and color. Yet these were the slides you submitted to shows and hoped to get them back undamaged.

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Tips for Better Photos

crafts-photography-december-2008-2It has been an amazing year for photography. While film will still be the media of choice for some, digital photography will open up all sorts of possibilities for artists. Just look at the Internet and the opportunities it offers for artists. Through it, they can reach a global marketplace and share their experiences and knowledge with other artists. With this year winding to a close, let me review some of the things I’ve explained over the year and expand on a few others.

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Digital Image Troubleshooting

crafts-photography-october-2008-2I suppose digital photography will be perfected about the same time as flying cars hit the skies. Somehow, despite onboard computers that could drive a starship, folks are still having trouble getting really good photos. Rather then bemoaning an industry that put features over performance, let me focus on how to troubleshoot some of the most common problems people have with their digital photos.

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