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Shipping Damages


Q: Whose fault is it when a gallery sends back an item and it arrives damaged? I recently gave a ceramic piece to a gallery that was going to start exhibiting my work. When they sent it back, the lid was broken! It arrived loosely packed in a too-big box (not the original packaging I shipped it in). Now I have to spend the time, cost and materials to fix it. Of course, when I called the gallery, they blamed the shipping company. And when I contacted the shipping company, they blamed the gallery. Who really should pay for the damages?

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Show Dress Code


Q: I’m a clay artist and I try to demonstrate my work when I exhibit at shows because it seems to create interest in my work and it draws people into my booth. Another exhibitor pulled me aside recently and told me my appearance with clay on my hands and clothes was a turnoff to potential clientele. I don’t wear my best outfits because I feel jeans and a plain shirt are appropriate for my work. Do you think I should skip the demonstrating so I can dress nicer?

A: How about doing both? I think demonstrating can be a good thing and that messy usually isn’t good.

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New Product Pricing


Q: I’ve been creating art for years, but I just recently began to sell my creations. I want my work to be affordable, but I don’t want to give it away either. Is there a rule of thumb on what should be charged for art and handcrafted items?

A: There sure is. Most often craftspeople underprice their work, not overprice it.

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