Q: After I get all my display furniture and product set up in my booth there’s not much room for me—help!

A. This is a common problem and the solution you choose will be very important to your selling success.

The way you present yourself can be welcoming or off-putting. This is where the aisle comes in. Using the aisle, let’s say you greet buyers as they approach, invite them in, and oversee your booth without being an obstruction.

By carefully watching the movements of buyers you can show up at the right moment. And remember, buyers don’t want to feel trapped by a salesperson, so think about how you approach and be sure not to begin speaking from behind a customer—always get to one side or the other.

Although show days are very long, I think it’s important to greet your buyers standing up. For me it’s a matter of respect.

Cover photo credit: ursusdave / Foter / CC BY-SA