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Digital Image Troubleshooting

crafts-photography-october-2008-2I suppose digital photography will be perfected about the same time as flying cars hit the skies. Somehow, despite onboard computers that could drive a starship, folks are still having trouble getting really good photos. Rather then bemoaning an industry that put features over performance, let me focus on how to troubleshoot some of the most common problems people have with their digital photos.

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New Technologies and Handmade Craft

business-wise-october-2008-5Where is the line between handmade and high-tech?

When inspiration strikes, jewelry artist Rona Fisher reaches out for the trusted tools of her trade. Like so many of her peers, the Philadelphia-based Fisher is intimately familiar with the traditional tools and techniques that can help turn her ideas into works of art crafted from precious metal and gemstones.

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The 100-Mile Suit

insight-gained-october-2008-3Textile artist, designer and educator Kelly Cobb of Philadelphia, Pa., has revisited the concept of handmade clothing. With the help of 23 spinners, knitters, tanners and other craftspeople along with sheep farmers, she created the 100-Mile Suit—a complete outfit of under and outer garments made solely of materials raised, produced, processed and constructed within 100 miles of Philadelphia.

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Asheville’s Significant Influence on Western North Carolina

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina


Asheville, North Carolina, is quite simply one of the great craft centers of America. Many of today’s handcrafts have their origins in the region’s Appalachian Mountains and this craft heritage has been passed on from one generation to the next. Today many of the nation’s finest craft artists make their home in Asheville and its environs.

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How to Price Handmade Items

How to Price Your Products

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