Menlo Summer Fest
07/20/2019 - 07/21/2019
Santa Cruz Ave
Menlo Park, CA

Show Category: Retail
Type of Craft Sold: handmade
Age of Show (in years): 33
Expected Attendance: 35,000
Admissions: Free
# of Exhibitors:
# of Craft Exhibitors: 220
Booth Fee(s): $240-$580
Booth Size(s): 5x10-10x20
Jury Requirements: 5 photos of your work completed, 3-4 photos for your work in progress,1 photo for your tools and supplies and 1 photos for your booth display
Jury Fee: $15.00
Application Deadline:
SASE: Not Required
Other Details: N/A
For more information about this craft show, please contact:
Pacific Fine Arts Festivals
642 Santa Cruz Ave
Melo Park, CA 94025
(209) 267-4394
(209) 267-4395