What an unimaginable year this is! We know many of you are dealing with so much and trying to muster the courage and means to carry on every day. We also know that for many, your art is your strength and your comfort. You are still making beautiful and meaningful art objects every day, and we want to see your work.

All you need to do to enter this contest is to send us a couple of good photos of a creation you have made during this crisis and answer a few questions. There is no cost to enter.


Thanks to our sponsors, IndieMe and Handmade Business, the winner of the 2020 contest will receive a check for $500 and a complimentary year on IndieMe , a prize worth nearly $1,000! In addition, the top entries (approximately 20 artists) will have their work featured in the September issue of Handmade Business . American Craft Week will be create ing a special website to showcase the top artists and their entries and a certificate suitable for framing will be sent to each artist. See the prior ACW Showcases .


The contest begins right now and closes The final time closing date for submissions is at midnight Friday, June 12, 2020 .

The entries will be judged by the American Craft Week National Committee using the following criteria,

  • Excellence of design and production in the piece
  • Quality of the photographs submitted
  • Artist written explanation of his/her inspiration and/or method
  • How creating the piece was “Art Therapy” for the artist.

This quote by author Nikki Rowe sums up the heart of this contest:
“Art is my cure to all this madness, sadness and loss of belonging in the world and through it I’ll walk myself home.”

We look forward to seeing your entries and many thanks to all!