2023 Issues

Sunshine Artist October/November 2023

14 Pack Up – But Not Too Early
Promoters explain their end-of-show policies and procedures.
20 How Artists Market
Find out which marketing methods are most successful.
22 Make Craft Photos Shine
Use these tips to give your photos extra sparkle.
26 Establish a Home Studio
Learn which permits and licenses are needed for your space.
31 Is an Artist Collective Right for You?
Discover the benefits of joining with other artists.
33 A Leap of Faith
An artist reflects on the founding of an artist collective.
35 Festival Layout Plans
Two promoters share how they create the footprints for their shows.
37 Taking the First Wholesale Steps
Prepare to exhibit at a trade show and launch your wholesale business.

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Sunshine Artist February/March 2023

4 Resources To Find Your Best Shows
Learn how artists plan their show schedules and use some of their advice to find more festivals.
17 How to Attract People to Your Booth
Artists share tips and tricks to draw attendees into their booths at art shows.
20 200 Best Ballot
Cast your vote to help determine the 200 best shows of 2022.
23 Make Your Application Stand Out
Three promoters provide details about their jurying processes.
26 A Word About Taxes
Find out where to go for resources about taxes, incentives, and more.
29 How Plato Can Improve Your Photos
Focus on how to use composition to create stronger images of your work.
98 Do You Have a Safety Net?
Put safeguards in place to protect yourself from fires, floods, and hurricanes.
105 Options To Sell Your Work Online
Read which platforms other artists use and how to drive customers to the sites.

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