Troy Lacey
Berggren Fibers

Tell us about your handmade business

“I use the process of wet felting to make my original designs and one-of-a-kind pieces. Wet felting takes advantage of the tiny fibers in wool yarns and fabrics and the lubrication usually provided by friction and soapy water to create varied textures of cloth. I use creative techniques such as needle felting, spinning, dyeing my spun wool or crocheting and knitting to create my unique designs.”

Have you ever worked on a piece and made a mistake you cannot change?

“I have come to the conclusion that mistakes sometimes can be creative genius. You cannot always control the outcome in life so just go with the flow.”

Explain a turning point or defining moment that changed your business.

“When I moved to Tennessee, I decided to go to the Centennial craft show. I stopped at a booth that sold wet felted wool purses. I was inspired and decided to take a felting class. What I love about felting wool is that you can add handspun yarn and make a scarf or create sculptures. My creative juices never cease when I work with wool.”

How do you market your products?

“I attend craft shows and sell my art pieces at boutiques. I have exhibited in galleries and I teach fiber arts around Nashville. I have a website and use social media.”