Congratulations to the following 64 artists (voting rules & schedule below)

1.Adam Field Covered “Jar with Carved Pattern” Photo by Artist

2.Adriana Christianson “Bird Series Photo” by Christopher Sanders

3.Alaina Burnett “Necklace” Photo by Artist

4.Amy Taylor “Autumn Espalier” Photo by Larry Sanders

5.Angela Gerhard “Gradient Necklace” Photo by Artist

6.April Bower “Polkadots & Moonbeams” photo by Daniel van Rossen

7.Audrey Fontaine “Patterned Gourd Bowl” Photo by Artist

8.Barbara Klar “Treasure Ring” Photo by Artist

9.Barbara Poole “Red Micro Coat” Photo by Gordon Bernstein

10.Beth Judge “Watermelon Tourmaline Earrings” Photo by Larry Sanders

11.Bonnie Garlington “Two Faced Handwoven Scarf” Photo by Kendra M Photography

12.Caitie Sellers “Window Bar Bracelet 4” Photo by Artist

13.Cara Romano “Felted Silver Rings Photo” by Hap Sakwa

14.Cari Baker “Goldie Wire Crochet Braidlet” Photo by Artist

15.Catherine Hamilton “Hearts Desire” Photo by Scott F Smith

16.Char TerBeest “Kudla Photo” by Larry Sanders

17.Cindi Underwood Hendrickson “Captured Dream” Photo Larry Sanders

18.Claudio Pino “Magnificence Stellaire a kinetic ring” Photo by Artist

19.Cleopatra Kerckhof “Mercator Necklace” Photo by Artist

20.Dennis Paullus “Black Walnut Hollow Vessel” photo by artist

21.Diane Giraudi “Perry Embossed copper and ceramic necklace” Photo by Artist

22.Eddie Austin “Walnut Zebra Wood jewelry box” Photo by Artist

23.Eleanor Burke “Cherries 4 Art” Photo by Larry Sanders

24.Elizabeth Mostello-Harris “Quirky Boxes” Photo by Artist

25.Frances Ladiaev “Majestic Seahorse” Photo by Artist

26.George Kuras “Ring” Photo by Dominyka Kuraite

27.Helmut and Char Goral “The Wave Photo” by Larry Sanders

28.Jeanette Payne “Trio of Cuff Bracelets” Photo by Larry Sanders

29.Jennifer Daggs “Stained Glass Pendant” Photo by Artist

30.Jesennia King “Silk and Fiber Arts” Photo by Craig Ellenwood

31.JoAnn Kelly Catsos “Jublique” Photo by Jeff Magidson

32.Joann Miller “Glowing Flast” Photo by Artist

33.John Beaver “Wave Bowl” Photo by Artist

34.Joy Scott “PinWheel” Photo by Larry Scott

35.Judith Wood “A Steady Heartbeat” Photo by Randall C Smith

36.Julia Lowther “Josephine Earrings” Photo by Hap Sakwa

37.Karen Raita Kress Valkyrie’s “Adornments Freya’s Pearls” Photo by artist

38.Katherine Palochak “Moon Rising” Photo by artist

39.Kathy Pine “Flowing Silver” Photo by Rick Dahms

40.Kent Epler “The Tinman” Photo by Chris Autio

41.Laura Roehl “Seahorse Stained Glass Pendant” Photo by Artist

42.Leah Simmons DeCapio “Wishing Pots” Photo by Azad

43.Lian Sawires “Blue Stripe Bag” Photo by Artist

44.Linda Inhelder “Copper Viking Knit Bracelet” Photo by Artist

45.Loretta Lam “At the Spice Bazaar” Photo Doug Yaple

46.Louise James Coulson and Don Coulson Water “Lilly Bracelet” Photo by Don Coulson

47.Lyn Foley “Baroque Beads Necklace” Photo by Robert Diamante

48.Marcela Colina Flores Photo by Silvia Pangaro

49.Marcy Petrini “Temecula” Photo by Terry Dwyer

50.Melanie Walter “Green Piece” Photo by Artist

51.Melina Nahmod “Satin” Photo by Artist

52.Michele Grady “Patchwork Necklace” Photo by Artist

53.Mindy Stock “Spray Wine in Chocolate” Photo by Artist

54.Naomi Muirhead “Every Day Pendant” Photo by Artist

55.Pam Caidin “Ginkgo Pendant” Photo by Larry Sanders

56.Phoenix Handcraft “Bamboo Screen” Photo by Artist

57.Rebeca Mojica “Poseidon’s Embrace” Photo by Larry Sanders

58.Rick Cannon “Lacewood Crown” Photo by Artist

59.Sandy Kaolin (Unnda Cova) “The Subdued Clay Trumpet” Photo by Artist

60.Sophia Georgiopoulou “Silver Pearl Lace Earrings” Photo by Artist

61.Stephanie Gard Buss “Mixed Metals Bracelet” Photo by Artist

62.Susanne Williams Crinkle “Leather Day Bag” Photo by Artist

63.Tessa Kennedy “To All Believers” Photo by Orange Wang

64.Vanessa Walilko “Dreams of the Fallen” Photo Larry Sanders

We have laid out our initial Round of 64 “bracketology” via the randomly assigned numbers 1 through 64 as listed above. Daily voting begins Sunday, June 10. Each day, four  images will be pitted against each other with the one photo receiving the most votes moving on to the next round. Votes will be tallied from “likes” clicked on each image on that voting day. Your image will only be eligible for votes for 24 hours after it is posted.

Finalists, check below to see on which day your image will be up for voting. Be sure to have your friends visit on that day to vote for your image.

Good luck!

 Round of 64 Voting Dates

June 10: 45, 14, 43, 2

June 11: 26, 21, 38, 39 

June 12: 6, 36, 31, 20 

June 13: 3, 60, 9, 7 

June 14: 1, 55, 63, 58 

June 15: 25, 5, 52, 16 

June 16: 23, 64, 34, 28 

June 17: 56, 49, 53, 61 

June 18: 42, 37, 4, 22 

June 19: 15, 19, 40, 47 

June 20: 17, 57, 33, 12 

June 21: 18, 62, 32, 13 

June 23: 50, 27, 29, 41 

June 24: 46, 30, 59, 11 

June 25: 48, 51, 54, 24