Wow! What an exciting past couple of weeks! The 64 preliminary finalists vying for the cover image on the October 2012 edition of The Crafts Report have faced off in the intitial voting rounds, and we are now down to the Final 16!

For the last two weeks, each day four of our 64 Finalists were pitted against each other on for 24 hours, with the highest vote getter of each day advancing to the Round of 16.

Now it’s time for you to narrow them down to the Final 4!

Starting tomorrow, June 27th through June 30th, four images will be posted at 9am Central time each day on Vote for your favorite by clicking “Like” on that image. The highest vote getter each day will advance to the Final 4!  

Here are the Final 16 photo entries, groupings, and voting dates:  

June 27

Linda Inhelder “Copper Viking Knit Bracelet” (photo by artist)







Sandy Kaolin (Unnda Cova) “The Subdued Clay Trumpet” (photo by artist)







Rick Cannon “Lacewood Crown” (photo by artist)







Kent Epler “The Tinman” (photo by Chris Autio)

kent epler the tinman photo by chris autio






June 28 

Loretta Lam “At the Spice Bazaar” (photo by Doug Yaple)

loretta lam at the spice bazaar photo doug yaple






Jennifer Daggs “Stained Glass Pendant” (photo by artist)

jennifer daggs stained glass pendant photo by artist






Phoenix Handcraft “Bamboo Screen” (photo by artist)

phoenix handcraft bamboo screen photo by artist






Jeanette Payne “Trio of Cuff Bracelets” (photo by Larry Sanders)

jeanette payne trio of cuff bracelets photo by larry sanders






June 29

Rebeca Mojica “Poseidon’s Embrace” (photo by Larry Sanders)

rebeca mojica poseidons embrace photo by larry sanders






JoAnn Kelly Catsos “Jublique” (photo by Jeff Magidson)

joann kelly catsos title jublique photo by jeff magidson






Cara Romano “Felted Silver Rings” (photo by Hap Sakwa)

cara romano felted silver rings photo by hap sakwa






Barbara Poole “Red Micro Coat” (photo by Gordon Bernstein)


barbara poole red micro coat photo by gordon bernstein


June 30

Gintaras Kuras “Ring” (photo by Dominyka Kuraite)

george kuras ring photo by dominyka kuraite






Naomi Muirhead “Every Day Pendant” (photo by artist)

naomi muirhead every day pendant photo by artist






Michele Grady “Patchwork Necklace” (photo by artist)

michele grady patchwork necklace photo by artist






Eddie Austin “Walnut Zebra Wood Jewelry Box” (photo by artist)

eddie austin walnut zebra wood jewelry box photo by artist






Congratulation to our 16 finalists. The Final 4 will be announced on Monday, July 2nd.

Good luck!

The Crafts Report Team


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