Author: Stephanie Hintz

Envisioning Success: Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right


Success has a different definition for nearly everybody. For some, success comes in the form of monetary gain or professional development. For others (maybe many of you), it comes in the form of business growth and prosperity. For others yet, success comes in the form of a happy and content family life, with a large network of social contacts. Perhaps success means all of these things to you. Or maybe you have a completely different version that you call your own.

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American Craft Week Creates a Step-by-Step Cultural Tourism Kit


Did you know that cultural tourists—those looking for an arts-based travel experience—are the fastest-growing segment of American travel? These travelers are willing to pay for unique, authentic experiences and interesting connections to local cuisines and craftspeople. American Craft Week (ACW) is ready to tap into this expanding market by giving arts and entertainment districts, visitors’ bureaus, and tourism organizations a ready-made blueprint for attracting cultural tourists.

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