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Handmade Business November 2017

8 2017 Handmade Entrepreneur of the Year: Amber D. Harrison cultivates a culture of craft

20 Painterly Perfection: A contemporary street artist turned fine painter is a multi-media artist worth following

26 Balance Your Risk With Insurance: Protect yourself and your livelihood with artist policies

36 Gallery Glance: Commerce & Craft: Explore a new handmade marketplace

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Handmade Business July 2017

7 Gallery Glance: Wisconsin working artisan shop and product gallery fuels creative juices

10 Nature’s Fabric: Warm, winsome, and eco-friendly, leather is the perfect canvas for artists seeking an alternative medium

18 10 Essential Start-Up Suggestions: Tried-and-true tips worth copying

20 How a Business Model Canvas Can Work for You: Understand the value that you create within your handmade business

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Handmade Business May 2017

8 The Universal Symbol of Eco-Cool: Consumer demand for handmade, sustainable is booming; these five makers recognize that old is the current “new”

18 Gallery Glance: From sea to shining see, explore 111 glorious American galleries

24 Effective Pricing Strategies: Maximize your profits by finding your pricing sweet spot

37 Home Office Essentials:
Get organized and boost your home office productivity

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Handmade Business April 2017

8 The Evolution of Artistry: Four artists share how they bound talent with passion to form successful metal clay businesses

16 #Hashtag This: What in the world are hashtags, and how do I use them?

19 How to Save and Spend Wisely: Four tips that will help you build wealth and save money

20 Stand Out in the Crowd
How to use ready-made textures and templates to create unique metal clay designs

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