Wildfires are in the news and very much on our minds after visiting two Texas artists who are recovering from the loss of their home and studio to a wildfire last September. They have just finished rebuilding their home and will soon start on the studio. Here are a few tips gleaned from their experience to keep in mind if a wildfire – or any fire – is near you: 

  • Do not hesitate to evacuate. This fire reached them in minutes and they barely got out with their cats and their lives. Fire can move more quickly than you can imagine.
  • They did not have much notice, but if they had, they would have loaded up their car and trailer with important items to save. They also said that, under pressure, they would probably not have made the best choices. A prioritized list of things to save if you have time, and the locations of those items, could come in handy in this or other emergency situations where you have some time to prepare for evacuation.
  • If there is a chance you may need to evacuate or take shelter (as in a tornado), gather your family, employees, and pets as soon as possible to avoid risking their lives or yours.

The Studio Protector online guide has more information on preparing for wildfires

Studio Protector Tip of the Month is provided by CERF+ (Craft Emergency Relief Fund + Artists’ Emergency Resources). See www.studioprotector.org for more emergency preparedness and recovery information.